Saturday, April 10, 2010

Time For Outdoor Living

That big, bright ball of light hanging in the sky, today, is the sun. With the cloudy and cool weather we've had lately, many of us have forgotten what it looks like. When the sun comes out we start thinking of using the outside again and that means outdoor furniture.

Two interesting articles online on Friday: Jean Patteson described how More color, better value are the trends this year in outdoor furniture and Melissa Rayworth wrote that Now's the time to do more with exterior spaces.

Patteson quotes Jackie Hirschhaut, spokeswoman for the American Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA) in High Point, N.C. who says that makers of outdoor furniture are countering the gloomy economic scene with more color. Here's a hint of what you'll read:

...collections for spring and summer focus on "dazzling color to brighten our moods, plush comfort to ease our tension and increased value to minimize the impact on our wallets."

Cheerful reds and yellows are key colors for 2010, along with calming shades of leaf green and watery blue.

Rayworth helps us with the smaller spaces, the small balcony off the bedroom or the terrace that's part of the new condo. She believes those small spaces can be intimidating and offers some

...great design strategies for turning even the most unexceptional deck or patio into an inviting space for outdoor entertaining this summer.
Her design suggestions cover the gamut from flooring, color, wall decor, lighting and greenery.

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