Friday, April 16, 2010

Use Twitter and A Blog For Your Marketing

If there's one question Mike gets asked the most, it's this one: "Do Twitter and a blog really lead to increased business?" Hubspot, a report at eMarketer, shows that
Among business-to-consumer (B2C) small and medium-sized companies studied, more than one-half of those using Twitter generated double the median monthly leads of non-Twitter users. That result held across company size.
For those of you with no marketing program or just waiting for referrals, by using Twitter and forming a community of followers, the study showed that you can double your leads.
Companies with 100 to 500 followers generated 146% more median monthly leads than those with 21 to 100 followers. Beyond the 500-follower mark, though, there was no further gain.
Blogging also increased leads, but here content and frequency of posting was critical.
Businesses must produce enough content for their blog to kick off growth in leads, which starts with about 24 to 51 posts. Blogs not only promote engagement but they also help companies increase the number of pages they have indexed by major search engines. HubSpot found that more indexed pages on Google also translates to more leads. Every 50 to 100 incremental indexed pages can mean double-digit lead growth.
The lesson is clear. The simplest and lowest cost way of increasing leads is using social media. It can be time consuming, but it is worth it. Happy blogging.

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