Monday, April 12, 2010

New From Wallpaper Collective

You know that wallpaper is making a come back. The public wants a wall in their home that isn't plain or painted a wild color. They want something contemporary or one wall that is striking in a big, bold print.

I've been meaning to mention Wallpaper Collective and my memory was jogged this morning when I received from them a notice of new designs. First, though, Wallpaper Collective offers Artisanal wallpaper. The Wallpaper Collective is on a constant quest for the most interesting, clever, hip and beautiful wallpapers they can find from artists from coast to coast in the United States, and throughout the world. Artists who may make small batch productions of gorgeous papers.

Here are three of their new designs:

MS. TREAT - whose love of carnivorous botanicals influenced Darwin's work,
has a luscious wall of Pitcher Plants and mischievous Venus Flytraps (and perhaps an ant or two).

MRS. WARD - who developed her passion for microscopy by magnifying and drawing bugs, blends late-Georgian silhouettes with a curious menagerie of over-sized insects.

MME. JEANNE - a French dressmaker-cum-Sicilian naturalist (and who invented the world's first aquarium), has her love of the sea reflected in an elegant, ascending mollusk scallop.

How about this wallpaper from the website of Aimes Wilder's Analog Nights in Chocolate:

or Christopher from Grow House Grow:

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