Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mattress Toppers

The results of this recent study don't surprise Michael who complains that our fairly new pillow top mattress is uncomfortable. He complains that the mattress is too firm and makes his body hurt and limbs fall asleep.
A new study of 2,043 U.S. consumers with an average age of 45 revealed that 65 percent of the respondents were unhappy with the current comfort and support performance of their mattress, according to specialty sleep innovator Sleep Studio LLC and A-ha! Insights, which sponsored and conducted the research.

A surprising finding of the research, however, was that only 5 percent of the respondents were considering buying a new mattress, whereas 60 percent said they would more readily buy a mattress topper.
Michael has thought about those foam egg crate mattress toppers, but there are many solutions available that are hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and eco-friendly. A little study reveals you can have a Tempurpedic-like mattress topper for $100 to $300

Sleep Studio thinks there are 33 million consumers who would likely buy a mattress topper today or tomorrow, but are not being satisfied by the traditional bedding retailer. We did some quick checking and found that both Costco and Amazon sell mattress toppers.

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