Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DIY Interior Design

Some people think that Interior Design is all about creation rather than application. Well, they can think again! For although traditionally an Interior Designer would play a more conceptual role in the process of home makeovers, there is in fact nothing to say that they cannot see this creative process through from start to finish; formulating designs, perfecting them and then physically producing the outcome. This all-encompassing workflow represents a far more autonomous approach to Interior Design than we have generally experienced in the past. In this respect it allows for total artistic control and opens the door to significant financial savings as well. 

Finding Design Ideas

Formulating a design concept for your home is of course a very personal process and depends entirely on what kind of mood or atmosphere you are seeking to create. One would hope that you might have a couple of your own Interior Design ideas. If not though, there are plenty of sources to draw from both in text and online. Custom furniture is often a popular choice amongst the DIY-minded, whether it's in the form of stools made out of pallets or perhaps a wall-mounted desk. Others will employ abstract wall decorations, or custom lighting. It's entirely up to you!

Knowing the Tools of the Trade

Obviously, seeing the design process through from start to finish involves not only a creative mind, but a practical one as well! And anyone truly wanting to create their own unique home interior will need to have the necessary know-how when it comes to the tools of the trade. Being able to use a paint roller evenly and a small brush neatly for cutting in are essential skills. Remember, although it's DIY, you don't want it to look DIY! Likewise, having experience and aptitude with combination pliers, screwdrivers, utility knives, spirit levels, cordless drills, adjustable wrenches and saws is an absolute must if you are to attain a visual standard that separates your home from the average DIY job. Getting quality tools from a reputable supplier such as Elcocks will help as well.

Strong Ideas and Tools

Interior Design is no longer something out of the reach of everyday individuals. On the contrary, with great creative ideas and quality tools, anyone with the right skill and perseverance can become an Interior Designer in their own right. So get some quality tools, start thinking creatively, and you'll be on your way. 

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