Thursday, November 21, 2013

Selecting and Installing the Perfect Stove

Stoves are an excellent source of heat for any home. They can provide the focal point to a living room, whilst adding character to that most populous room. Choosing what type of stove is the best can be difficult. For this reason, read on for some vital information that will help the decision making process.

Can They Save You Money?
Wood burning stoves do have the potential to save consumers money on their annual energy bills. According to research, burning wood pellets cost 4p per kilowatt hour, while using gas will cost 6p per kilowatt hour, with the recently announced energy price increases taking effect from in November.

The Facts: Traditional Stoves
Traditional stoves are considered to be wood-burning stoves. These often conjure up images of the historical cast iron stones of the Victorian period. The stoves from this era were usually square in shape with decorative detailing on them. This type of stove can make a great addition to any home. This is because of its beautiful look, which would go really well with an old-fashioned brick fireplace. However, they can also look just as good sitting on their own in the corner of the living room.

The Facts: Modern Stoves 
If it is more of a contemporary look that is desired, then a wood burning stove can reflect this style too. Some of the modern stoves look like an updated version of a traditional wood burner. Most of them though, have unusual shapes and designs. This is why modern stoves offer more scope, with something for everyone. For a house with a streamlined style, a contemporary stove may just be the perfect companion.

Install Your Stove

Once the decision is made on the type of stove, the next move is to install it. Homeowners need to make sure they are careful with this process, because there are dangers. It is important to know the stove inside out, particularly what the minimum safe distance is. The stove clearance will depend on the location of the home, so getting a certified stove, such as the ones Glowing Embers stock, is essential. The best location for a stove is the centre of a room of a room that has good insulation and is frequently used. The best way to guarantee safety and quality is to hire a professional to install the stove, and make sure they check the ventilation of the house as well. 

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