Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Reaction to "Toxic Hot Seat"

You know ex-smokers are the worst when it comes to cigarette smoking. Mike smoked from his college days until November 10, 1991. We started dating on December 4th, 1991. I have never seen him smoke, but I know he hates the smell, the cost, the damage to health, and wishes he could get everyone to stop. He wonders how we tolerate the legality of cigarettes (or drug delivery systems) when we ban so many items because they may cause cancer.

Last night we watched "Toxic Hot Seat" on HBO. We now know that the flame retardant used on furniture and carpets to make us safe from fire, builds up in our bodies and causes cancer. It was the tobacco industry that pushed the use of flame retardants, instead of coming up with a cigarette that would go out when left unattended or on a sofa, for example.

There's a new website that addresses your concerns. The new site at www.toxic-hot-seat.com provides consumers with answers to frequently asked questions about upholstered furniture flammability.

In 1978, the Upholstered Furniture Action Council (UFAC) developed construction guidelines that set requirements for fabric, decking, barrier filling/padding, deck trim and welt cord that combine to make upholstered furniture resistant to ignition by a smoldering cigarette.

Gov. Jerry Brown announced New California flammability standards last week and taking effect on Jan. 1, are "based largely on the UFAC construction and materials guideline that AHFA has advocated for nearly 40 years."

Maybe, next we can outlaw cigarettes!

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