Monday, November 25, 2013

Make the Most of your Bedroom Storage Space

If you’re struggling to find your favourite pair of shoes or you’re forever losing items of clothing and then finding them again a few days later, then you need to improve your storage space.

Under the Bed
The space under the bed is one that is often neglected or ill used – if not used at all. However, there, might be an array of lids, maybe a few socks, an abandoned hair brush and other things we won’t mention lurking underneath. However, utilized properly and it can be a very useful space. Under-bed storage is available from a wide variety of places, often as plastic draws on wheels, which are very effective. You can also buy divan beds that have ready-made draws included, though these often look ugly, and you can utilize the space under the bed much better. The beds from Revival Beds can be tailored to exactly what you want even when it comes to under-bed storage.
Next to the Bed  
If you’ve invested in bedside tables that offer no storage capabilities then you’ve really missed a trick. However, if you have plenty of space available, it can be a magnet for clutter. Make sure that you don’t simply shove everything in to a draw and forget about it. Periodically sift through the things that you don’t need and throw them away.

Tall Drawers
Instead of buying a wide chest of drawers, save floor space by having a tall one. You may find that this gives you more space to store your clothes, providing you fold them and store them correctly. Store your clothes so that you can see everything from the top, like spines of a book, and you’ll find that this system works really well. It doesn’t leave your drawers in a mess after you’ve been rooting around in them, trying to find your favourite t-shirt. When it comes to underwear, using individual containers or sections to organize it will make them much easier to find.

The Wardrobe

If you’re lucky enough to be reading this and you haven’t yet chosen a wardrobe, then you can pick a wardrobe that has features within it that makes organizing easier. If you’re not, then there are hanging storage solutions that you can hang in your wardrobe to provide space for folded jumpers or shoes.  

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