Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Furniture for the Festive Family Gathering

There’s nothing like Christmas to bring families together. And, if you’re lucky, this may happen all under one roof, with many members of the same family getting together to celebrate and break bread en masse. In today’s society, where family members no longer live near to each other in the way that used to be the norm, it’s often the case that large family gathering will invariably end with several people needing to stay the night.
However, this is where a problem may arise for the host who doesn’t quite have enough space to provide comfortable beds for sleepy guests. But no-one likes the idea of ending up in a sleeping bag on the floor, so it’s therefore imperative that hosts who are expecting overnight guests be aware of what they can do to make their guests’ experience more enjoyable.

Furniture Options
The first thing any host should do is to take stock of their existing furniture, and consider the possibility that they may have to invest in some new pieces. This could be either to add to their furniture collection, or to replace existing furniture with pieces that are more practical.
The most practical item of furniture, in this context, is of course the sofa bed. But sofa beds come in all shapes and sizes, from the foam filled single to the plush un-foldable double or even the space age slide out. So your next step should always be to assess how much space you have available in your home.

Space Saving Solutions
Modern furniture is all about maximizing the space potential of your home, so there simply isn’t any excuse any more to not be able to provide a bed for your guest. Soft foam beds can be laid on floors then stored away easily in cupboards. Sofa beds can be slept on at night and then converted back into seating during the day. And slide out beds can be easily hidden underneath permanent beds, providing a fast, simple solution which won’t impinge upon your day-to-day activities. Whatever the space in your home, there’s a solution ready to save it.

Luxury Extras

If you’ve got the cash to flash and you fancy the idea of really treating your guests then you might want to consider investing in some optional extras, such as beautiful bed linen, personalized pillow cases or soft slippers which they can wear around your house. Little gestures such as these will really show your family that you care about their well-being, and will make their stay much more comfortable for both you and them.

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