Friday, November 22, 2013

Quick Ways to Update Your Living Room

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If you’re looking round your living room, perhaps even while you read this, and thinking ‘this place could really do with a change-up’, but you’re worried about how much it might cost or how long it will take, then you’re in need of quick fixes that will freshen up your living room.

Changing up the colour in your living room will instantly lift the whole room, whether you swap your accent colour or change the entire scheme. If you’ve got a neutral room, then swap your accent colour for something different. Alternatively, take a look at the colours you already have and repeat it around the room. For example, if you really love your curtains, then pick out colours that you like and use it elsewhere, in the cushions or a rug.

Statement Furniture
A great way to immediately change your living room is to invest in a statement piece of furniture. Whether you get rid of an old piece, or you rearrange your furniture to fit it in, a statement piece of furniture needn’t be expensive or vulgar. Instead, something well made and beautifully finished, like the furniture pieces from Notation Furniture, would work perfectly.

Soft Furnishings
Sometimes your curtains get bleached from the sun, and your cushions get tea stained and a bit moth-eaten, when you realise this, then it is time to get rid of them and buy shiny new ones. This is a perfect opportunity to update the room. Swap out cushions, curtains and rugs for a fresh new take on your living room. You could even, if you’re feeling brave, reupholster your sofa.

Spruce Up the Mantelpiece
Now that winter is well on its way, you may want to refresh your mantelpiece. You’ll be spending more time looking at it as the nights draw in, so why not make sure that it looks lovely with seasonal touches like candles and pinecones. Swap your picture frames around so you see different images around your fireplace, and feels novel and different.

Extreme Declutter
Remove all your accessories, knick-knacks and general paraphernalia into another room, and place a few things back. The rest get rid of, redistribute or repurpose, but make sure it doesn’t get back into your calm, collected and well thought out living space. 

So there you have it, quick and easy ways to update your living space.

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Jason said...

I love that living room, thanks for the advice, I try to update mine every so ofter