Thursday, November 21, 2013

How To Choose the Perfect Bed

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There are so many different types and styles of beds that it can almost be almost overwhelming when you want a new bed but don’t know what style to go for. Follow our helpful tips and you’ll be well on your way to choosing the perfect bed for you.

Before You Buy
The size of your new bed is really important. It should fit both you – and your partner if necessary – and your bedroom. Ideally, a bed should allow you and your partner to lie side by side with hands behind your head without elbows touching. Just like going food shopping when you’re hungry, don’t go bed shopping when you’re tired, as any and every bed is likely to look and feel good.

The Design
The design of your bed should fit the rest of the furniture and the d├ęcor in your bedroom (or the bedroom that it will be when you’ve finished renovating). A statement design will make the bed the focal point of the room, while oriental style low level beds will make the room feel calm.
If you’re short on space, then avoid buying a bed with a footboard. If you have one, you’re likely to find yourself forever bumping into it.
Leather beds, like these ones from Beds Warehouse, have a smart, masculine feel to it, whilst something in metal has more ornate connotations. The design of your bed should marry practicality and style, for instance, a divan might be good if you’re short on space, and look just as good as any other bed.

The Headboard
The most important design feature of the bed is the headboard, though they aren’t integral to a bed. They create a focal point for the bedroom, and can be practical for reading or watching TV in bed. There are several different types that you could go for.
Upholstered headboards are perfect if you regularly sit up in bed and like something to lean on. They can make a statement if you use patterned fabric too.
Leather headboards are sleek and contemporary, but they aren’t always comfortable, so you may need to invest in a few extra cushions.
Wooden headboards look lovely for a country style bedroom, but will definitely need extra cushions when it comes to reading and watching TV.

Metal headboards can be chic, urban and ornate, but they will be uncomfortable too.

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